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Data Structures Visual Editor

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Build around JDBC and XML, this tool allows you to maintain visual repesentations of a database's layout, edit table's data, generate code to bind objects to tables, and export and import data in XML format to easely move data from one database to another.

Uses our core library ('m16e.tools') and it's published under the GPL licence (Free Software)..

It allows you to connect to any (we hope) DBMS and visualy manipulate it's layout and content. So far, it's known to work with DB2, Oracle, PostgresSQL, PointBase, SQL Server and Sybase. See the User's Guide for further details.

Note: database reverse engeneering only works with PostgreSQL... perhaps you can help us getting it to work with other DBMS?


Version Date Description
0.1 September 1999 Internal use
0.2 July 2001 Connection to DBMS's (PostgreSQL)
0.3 May 2002 First usable version.
Edit data structures (table metadata).
Edit table data.
Connection to others databases (PointBase).
0.4 August 2002 We have exposed the full URL to connect to any database with a JDBC II (or higher) driver.
Generates code to bind objects to tables.
Exports table's data to a SQL file (thus enabling an easy way to change data between databases).
The license has changed -- now it's GPL.
0.5 - beta 1 April 2003 The long-waited support for foreign keys constraint generation is finally available. Added aliases to tables and fields for GUI generation (via XML).
0.5 July 2003 Many bug fixes (no known bugs, by now). New menu to fit in smaller windows. Added the possibility to scale the diagram.
0.5 - rev. 1 (legacy) August 2003 Minor changes (mainly cosmetics).
0.6 and 0.7   in-house use (some minor enhancements)
0.8 - beta 1 May 2004 Enhanced support for foreign keys, nullable fields and check constraints.
The generated code now allows you to work in a plugable scheme, thus enabling to work with more then one database simultaneously from the same program.
The ability to reverse engineering a given database has been extended to support nullable fields, default values, foreign keys and check constraints ;-)
Lots of minor enhancements in the interface.
0.9 - final January 2005 Support for Unicode Databases.
Automatic genaration of internationalized GUI's.
Fixed all the reported bugs.
1.0 June 2006 Enhanced code genaration capabilities.
Navigation popup.
1.1 June 2006 Added anotations to tables ant the abillity of dragging the whole diagram with the mouse -- two of the oldest items on the wish-list ;-)

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